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Halifax plugged in series
33 Punch Bowl Drive
Suite 101 Halifax
Nova Scotia B3P 2C4


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902 477-0399
Professional Audio since 1988 "Owned and operated by engineer/producer Dennis Field Featured on Much Music News, Going Coastal, Global Noon, Live at Five and CTV. Q104, CKBW, 89.9 Hal Fm. Judge at the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 ECMA Awards. Judge at the 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Juno awards"


We have Gift Certificates Available!!!

Services offered at Denmark Productions

(a) Our Studio rate starts at
$45.00* per hour for Pro Tool HD 3 Version 10 192 Tracks, 24 Track Alesis Hard Disk HD24 (24 Bit). Hard drives are available on a purchase or rental basis. This also includes an award winning Engineer and Producer. You will not be put with a student engineer.

(b) We have a
$119.95* One song Demo package SPECIAL which includes: - 3.0 hours studio time - Complete use of all in studio equipment - Rental of Hard Drive, Pre Master CD with Thermal printing
Award winning Engineer. (Not a Student Engineer) Song must be under 5 Minutes long

(c)Two Song Full Band Demo Package $189.95*Includes 4.5 hours of studio time Hard Drive Rental (Does not include mixing)Pre Master CD with our Black Thermal text on a silver CDAward winning Engineer. (Not a Student Engineer) Songs must be under 5 Minutes longPro Tools HD 3 Version 10 
(d)Three Song Full Band Demo Package $269.95*
Includes 7 Hours of studio time, Hard Drive Rental (Does not include mixing)
Pre Master CD with our Black Thermal text on a silver CD
Award winning Engineer. (Not a Student Engineer) Songs must be under 5 Minutes long
Pro Tools HD 3 Version 10


(e) 3 Song Demo package
This is for the singer Songwriters
One instrument and Vocals per song
3 Hours of studio time
Hard Drive Rental
One pre master CD with thermal printing on the CD face
Use of all in house equipment and instruments
Award winning Engineer/Producer
All this for $129.95

{f) 6 Song EP Package from Denmark Productions 
6 Songs recorded, mixed, master and 100 Retail Ready CD's

Includes:All studio equipment and instruments
Award winning Engineer/Producer
20 Hours of studio time
Hard Drive Rental 
100 Retail ready CD's
Duplicated by Denmark Productions 

All this for $1350.00*
This is a limited time offer
No other studio can offer this because we do it all professionally in one location

(g) CD Duplication  10 CDís $29.95*,25 CDís $49.95*,50 CDís $70.00*,100 CDís $115.00* Black Thermal text Printing direct on CD face - One CD $5.00 Direct from Master CD,

Cancellation fee may apply to booked sessions

2 hours of studio time


(d) Mastering (computerized digital editing) $55.00 per SONG.
      Professional Mastering Equipment
    Avalon AD 2055 Stereo Mastering Equalizer
Avalon 2044 Stereo Mastering Compressor
    Avalon 747sp Vacuum Tube Compressor / Equalizer
    Waves MAXX BCL Mastering Processor
    Empirical Labs Fatso Tape Saturation Compressor
    Wavelab 7.0, Pro Tools 10 HD, Plextor Master CD burners   
    We check all master CD's after mastering for C 1 and C 2 errors
    Making sure your masters are ready for duplication


Mastered at Denmark Productions

Singing Solidarity, Border Crossing, Lennie Gallant, Wilf Bean, Nancy White, Tara Maclean, Cesar Morales, R.A. Lautenschlager, Cheryl Gaudet, Coco Love Alcorn, Four The Moment, Scott Parsons, Old Man Luedecke, Carolyn McDade and Friends, Shauntay Grant, One More Addiction, Laurie Little, Crystal Taylor, Eltom Adams, Bruce Mills, Redstar, Deadwater, Halifax Plugged - In Series 1 through 10, Louis Leroux, Vince Morash, Bill Dawe, Kevin MacDonald, Paula Danyluk, Eric Fresia, David Stone, Paranoize, 460 Kustom, Cody Roberts, Brite-Vu, Metalheart, Fifth O'Whiskey, Luke Watters (Maritime Idol), Vapid, Bob Ardern, Wendy A Stewart, 7 MiLE STARE, Emma-Lee Blazing, Trial By Wire, Civil Condition, Invictive, Epelectric, The Regal Beagle Band, Already Casual, Medusah, Redstar, Devils Elbow, Shatter The Sunrise, Stephanie Anderson, Jess Healy

Computerized Audio restoration $55.00 per hour.

(e) Graphic Design for CD $45.00 per hour

(f) Complete packages are also available

(g) Transfer LP or Cassette to CD $40.00

(h) EPK Design (Electronic Press Kits) Starting at $99.95

  *Cancellation fees will apply to Pre Booked cancelled sessions
*No refunds will be given on studio time purchased, pre paid studio sessions, Mastering, gift certificates, transfers or duplication

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